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Ciucanu Viorica



Despre Viorica Ciucanu si lucrarile ei



 Even though there are critics saying that Viorica might be rooted in Impressionism, I still think she is very versatile in her artistic approach, with a fluent expression and astonishing changes of direction in her work. The touch is never hastened and the color si rarely incidental or spontaneously painted on the canvas.

 There is no doubt that her prevalent feature is the exquisite and devouring desire of “painting feelings and emotions” that seem to invade her soul while working on a subject!

 This is the very thing that makes her differ from the others of her kind!

 I DO believe that Viorica was born with the EMOTION on the easel!


 The fine arts’ debut is always an increasing event, that seems to never end, or, finally, to be dissolved by the time.

 No sooner had she reached some definite marks of her style, than Viorica Ciucanu revealed herself as a very sensitive and intuitive artist, joining an exquisite talent to the masterliness of a hardworking painter, both of them aiming to send very touching and expressive message to the viewers.


 While racing with the running time and stress, there is always a favorable moment, in a certain place, for a new artist to “rise” and “shine”. Our thoughts are being justified by the works of a new painter, Viorica Ciucanu, from Piatra Neamt, whose name has already started to be known in the contemporary fine arts.

 Authoress of an one-man show and group exhibition, the painters we are talking about tries to reach the “suggestion” included by a large variety of subtle tones of lights and shades.

 There are in her pictures worm touches rooted in Impressionism, that try to relax the mind and the soul. In her work it can be noticed the hues and the shadows melting into thing, emotions and impressions. There is no question that the color is the main of her paintings.

 Her lineaments are the warmth and the never hastened touch of the paint brush, together mixed and matched in order to induce emotion rooted in nature, life and human behavior.

 Hardly had the viewer seem the pictures than he was hooked on them and could not stop looking at, again and again.

  The emotional potential of her works is also emphasized by the color mix that makes the inner mind rise up and remember things, events, and places believed to have been lost for ever, such as some architectural sites for instance.

  Therefore the painting turned into the main language of communication for the artist (Viorica Ciucanu) with the world, in a very gently bent never obsolete way, witch is routed in Impressionism...   


Birth Date: 24 September 1961

Buhalnita, Neamt


Carmen Seculare Art School Piatra Neamt

Painting Section - Professor ARCADIE RAILEANU